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Out of the Shadows (Akira and Deane Thriller Series Book 1):

Nothing is ever what it seems…

Don’t turn your back on anyone or anything…

Akira is a dangerous man, a man who has lost everything and has nothing to lose. Fuelled by the death of his beloved wife Madeline and desperate to seek revenge on those who took her from him, Akira is on a mission, a mission to rid the world of the corrupt West and everything it stands for and he has one man set in his sights.

Thomas Deane, a fiercely loyal MI6 agent and one half of an elite partnership he is everything Akira despises – a patriotic man devoted to the service of his country, no matter what the cost.Assisted by the brave S.U.C.O. agents (Special Undercover Covert Operations) the elite MI6 team, are completely unaware of what lies ahead. Will they succeed in bringing Akira out of the shadows?

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Out of the Shadows v4.0

Reviews for ‘Out of the Shadows’

‘Good read. Enjoyed it. Will look for more books by this author. I would recommend this book if your into spy thrillers.’ December 2015

‘I am not normally into espionage type thrillers but I can honestly recommend this book. I can guarantee that you will be hooked after the first few pages and the way the characters and locations are described and enhanced upon as you progress through the chapters will hold your interest in so far that you always want to read ‘one more page’. Tim has obviously spent a lot of time researching the locations and scenarios surrounding the characters and he reveals that despite their air of professionalism they all have flaws and hidden baggage that you can empathise with but sometimes prove unnerving. Look forward to reading the next book.’ October 2015

‘Like many people, when I pick up a book I need to be quickly drawn in to the characters and storyline. There was no issue with Tim’s book. Seriously I cannot believe this was his first book in this genre. The main characters were entwined within each other from the beginning. I love it when there’s a twist coming, but the book doesn’t give up the tale easy (In a good way) I cannot wait for the next edition and would recommend this book.’ September 2015



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Underground Murmurs (Akira and Deane Thriller Series Book 2):

The path to revenge is not an easy one. Akira has been stopped once but his hunger and desire for global change grows stronger every day. With the help of a political puppet he starts down a dangerous path to bring a former super power back from the dead to aid his strike at the heart of the West.

With Russia in turmoil Thomas Deane is dispatched with his new partner to prevent a political uprising unaware that he is walking into a trap. With his health failing him he has to draw on all of his experience to survive, but standing in his way is Akira who will stop at nothing to gain his revenge.

With MI6 de-stabilised by an attack it’s forced to re-activate S.U.C.O. (Special Undercover Covert Operations) who together must prevent an attack on home soil. Masterminded by two of Akira’s closest allies, Jozef Kiprich and Zoltan Ferec what lines will S.U.C.O. have to cross to stop them? Sam Olsen leads his team into the depths of the London Underground network and its many abandoned stations. Deep beneath ground level in tunnels not touched for decades are the clues they need to stop another attack.

Reviews for ‘Underground Murmurs’

This is a fast paced, explosive read. Couldn’t put it down and enjoyed every page. Looking forward to his next book and hope its soon to be released. December 2015

I loved ‘Out Of The Shadows’ and this sequel doesn’t disappoint. The action is unrelenting. This is achieved in part by having two threads of the story line being interwoven into each chapter and being progressed side by side. The switch of theatre, whether it’s the London Underground or the streets of Moscow occurs at a pivotal, cliff-hanger moment. You can’t wait to find out what happens next; but then you’re suddenly thrown into a different location and the tension builds again with a different cast of characters. A clever ploy and not one to be attempted unless you are a talented writer. You are in safe hands with Mr. Jopling; the level of research required to paint the word pictures in both books I’ve read so far is staggering and this modern day thriller rings frighteningly true. Can’t wait for the next adventure. October 2015

Tim Jopling creates great character, suspense, and action in Underground Murmurs. From the beginning, I was drawn into the world of action and danger at every turn. Through all this, he creates people that are compelling and keeps you wanting more. The book was a departure from my usual reading, and was a delightful find. I always enjoy learning about what drives the characters in any book. It’s not just action and intrigue, but real people in their “regular lives”. I can’t wait to read his next book! Any fan of spy action- or just reading in general- will love this book! March 2015


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Double Cross (Akira and Deane Thriller Series Book 3): COMING IN WINTER 2017


Zoltan Ferec rots in a secret MI6 detention centre after being captured for his failed assassination attempt in the Olympic park. MI6 agent Patrick Walker must break Ferec to gain access to his knowledge, but he has just days to do it. Will Ferec crack under the pressure or can he stay strong in the hope he will be rescued? Akira learns of Ferec’s capture and looks to intervene but what are his intentions?

MI6 Chief Kevin Ramsey, dealing with the political fallout of the failed attack on London, is growing increasingly concerned about the fate of Thomas Deane and his partner William Hawk, who were sent to Russia to prevent political uprising. When word comes through, he has to act quickly to save the life of his most valuable assets but political games block his way.

For former agent Sam Olsen, he struggles to start a life away from MI6. A complicated home life with his wife Rachel makes him long for what he had. If he pursues his dream would his marriage survive?

Akira still lurks in the shadows and seizes an opportunity to prevent Deane and Hawk from crossing the borders to safety. With his faithful puppet Mikhail Salenko by his side, he continues Russia’s resurgence…