Double Cross is a work in progress!

It’s amazing how time flies isn’t it? I can’t believe its been so long since I posted on my website but there is a lot going on in life that is for sure! My wife is weeks away from giving birth to our first child and my full time job in IT has been so busy this year following an office move. Sadly I’ve not been able to make as much progress on Double Cross as I would have liked but I’ve been getting there and I’m looking forward to releasing the novel later this year.

Today I’ve sent out to all those signed up to my newsletter the teaser for the novel and the full cover graphic file and I’ll soon be sending out free samples from the novel so watch out for those.

Over time, Double Cross has taken several forms, at one stage due to time constraints that work puts on me I was going to release a short story collection but I never really liked that idea so Double Cross is now a fully fledged novel and I’m so proud of it so far. All your favourite characters are there, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

Download the teaser to the novel now: Double Cross Teaser