FREE Prologue for Double Cross has been sent out!

FREE Prologue for Double Cross has been sent out!

For all of you awaiting news on the next novel in the series, last weekend  I sent out an email with exclusive details on book 3 ‘Double Cross’.  The email also included the complete Prologue for this new novel just to give you a taster!

If you’d like to receive this Prologue its not too late! Sign up for updates in the box to the right and I will send you the email that has the Prologue included. I’ll also be sending out Chapter 1 at a later date so don’t miss that. All being well the novel should be released in Spring of this year, I’ll add it as a pre-order item in Amazon and firm up a date as we move further into 2016.

I’ve also started some preliminary work on the fourth book in the series ‘Judgement Calls’ but that has quite some way to go!


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