Future of 007

So out of the blue today I see on Twitter that Daniel Craig may have signed up to a series on Netflix called ‘Purity’ and therefore have called time on his time as James Bond. On Twitter there appeared to be divided views as to whether its a good or bad thing that Daniel Craig may have resigned or at the very least considering it. More details are on the article below:


I can understand why some people were offended by Craig’s brusk interviews during his promotion of Spectre but I can let that go. It can’t be easy promoting a film with so much interest, especially when it doesn’t suit your personality. Whichever way you look at it, Daniel Craig played Ian Fleming’s famous character very close to the one we all loved in the original novels. He brought a lot of grit to the role and played it in the same vein as the books – an assassin that would carry out the job even if he hated it and was often seen as passionless but deep down he did care. I for one would be very sad if Craig were to go, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the lack of gadgets and the grit he brought to the role of 007. My fear would be that they might go back to the comic version of Bond with lots of silly gadgets or worse still find some middle ground instead. Nothing worse that trying to have grit and tension and then cut to comedy or silly CGI scenes.

So what about the future for James Bond? It won’t be the end of the series, there is no doubt about that but who could take over from Daniel Craig if he does resign? Well according to the link below the so called ‘Front Runners’ are:

Idris Elba – It’s an interesting one. I love his portrayal of Luther. He’s 43 now so it wouldn’t really be one for the long term as he’d be around 45 by the time the film comes out so maybe he’d only do two films but either way I do think he would make a very good James Bond, he would just need to tone it down a bit. He definitely has the menace though and his Bond would certainly be gritty.

Damian Lewis – Similar to Idris he’s not really one for the long term as he’s 45 now. I do think he would be excellent though, he could match Craig for his acting skills and the gravitas that he would bring to the part. I’m sure the fans wouldn’t be happy with a ginger James Bond but it wouldn’t bother me one bit, neither would the skin colour as in Idris’s case. Both men would play the part so well in my opinion.

James Norton – the unknown quantity. Apparently he has done well in the BBC’s War and Peace (I’ve not seen it, have you?) and at 31 he would be perfect to mould the series around him for the long term. As I’ve not seen him I don’t know how he would play the part but if he’s as good as people say it might be perfect for everyone. He seems to have the good looks and the character. Could it be too big for him though?

Michael Fassbender – the best there is in my opinion. A fantastic actor, the right age, and I think he would bring the level of menace and character to the role. Trouble is I doubt he would want to do it as it would type cast him and restrict his career which has been so varied to date. Unless he was a big fan, but either way I couldn’t see him wanting to do more than one which wouldn’t go down well.

Henry Cavill – would the producers want Superman to be James Bond as well? I don’t think so. I’m sure he could do it well but I don’t think Henry would be suitable.

Tom Hiddleston – its interesting when I think of Tom playing James Bond. He could do it and no doubt do it well but I’m not sure he has that killer instinct. He’s said before he would want to bring more charm to the role but I don’t think he could be believable as an assasin as that’s what James Bond is ultimately.

Tom Hardy – apparently he has a lot of popularity with the younger generation which is worth a lot but I can’t see him being a credible James Bond. I just can’t see it I’m afraid.

Jason Statham – oh dear. I’m not even going to comment on that.

According to the link below the favourite in the poll (aside from Daniel Craig himself!) is currently Tom Hardy and Henry Cavill who both have 22% of the vote with Idris Elba on 14%.


Either way I’m hoping Daniel Craig will stick around for one more film. I said on Twitter that it wouldn’t surprise me if the producers change the production dates to fit with Craig’s new schedule. After the success of Skyfall and Spectre I would expect them to move heaven and earth to do one more film with Daniel Craig.

What do you think?

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