Being an Independent Author

Morning everyone, I hope you’re all ok. So this morning I was reading a blog by a friend of mine Ted Taylor (author of The Phoenix series available on Amazon) and I really connected with his post. Have a read of Ted’s blog below, in particular his last post from February 20th:

You know being an independent author or ‘Indie’ author is no easy task. Most of us work full time or have a limited budget and its small pickings at the best of times when it comes to getting reviews or seeing that your book is starting to reach more people. I know exactly how Ted feels, I did a promotion recently with a third party for around £50 but I only saw £1.45 of that back so it does make me laugh when I read articles about book marketing and they talk about making sure you recoup your budget and more. You’re joking right? I can’t think of one promotion I’ve run that I’ve recouped back that money.

Which brings me onto why I’m doing this. Is it for profit? Er…no, it never has been and it never will be. I’ve had some really positive experiences from readers who enjoyed my books and that is worth far more to me than getting another ten sales.

I’m making progress on Book 3 ‘Double Cross’ but its a little bit slow. With our house move, work and other stuff I’ve had limited time available but I’m getting there. It’s just the more I think about it the more I think I should just put all of my books ‘out there’ for free. Who cares about getting 30p from every 99p sale, this is more about seeing people read my work and hopefully enjoy it than any kind of ‘profit’. It might just be the best way to get noticed regardless of whether they like my work or not? First things first I need to make more progress with the new book and put it on Amazon for a pre-order so watch this space.