Moving house…and Christmas!

Moving house is no easy task!

Its been really busy recently I have to say. Not just with starting a new job 2 months ago but we’ve also decided to move house. For a while now I’ve been dithering on extending our current house and after being made redundant from my previous job that I’d done for 11 years that extra money (it wasn’t much but enough to make us think about our options) allows us to stretch ourselves and buy a bigger house. So last weekend I was looking on Rightmove and saw a house only a few minutes from us that had been extended (the kitchen is amazing) was very near the nearby school that’s got a very good reputation and has a flat garden as well! Its funny but when you see something that ticks all the boxes you realise what you wanted to do all along and for us that was to move. Since then its been all systems go. We viewed the house on Monday evening, loved it and the next day put an offer in that was accepted! Since then we put our place up for sale real quick and last night had a second viewing and this morning they offered the asking price so we’re over the moon. All systems go for moving! I reckon we won’t actually move in till March 2016 or around that time but its all positive.

Unfortunately that’s meant I haven’t made anywhere near as much progress as I would have liked on the third book ‘Double Cross’. I’ve got a couple of days of work this week so I will made some progress and try to get back into it. I’ve added in a Prologue now which follows Deane and Hawk as they try to escape Russia after the failed assassination of Mikhail Salenko which has been fun and gives the book a faster paced start. With the stress now off on the moving front I can hopefully get back to making progress!