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New review posted on

Many thanks to Karen R for posting her review of ‘Out of the Shadows’ on I have to say it made my day and its one of the best reviews I’ve had so Karen if you’re out there and you’re listening I really appreciated your comments! It’s such a boost when you read a review from someone that is your target market and really understood and appreciated everything that you were trying to achieve in the book.

Thrilling espionage, reads very vividly and leaves you wanting more!

Russian fanatical terrorists against British MI6, takes you on a fast paced thrilling read through many countries.
This book reads easily and is so vividly portrayed that one almost feels like one is watching a movie rather than reading a book, the characters are all very well developed and brought to life and the reader feels completely involved with both sides.
Terrorists made very real, their fanaticism is terrifying and their aim to put their “puppet” into Soviet power as President to destroy the West is a very scary scenario. Akira is possessed by what he perceives to be instructions from his beloved dead wife and is a cold blooded ruthless killer who will stop at nothing along with his cronies to achieve his ideals
Olsen and Deane play a crucial role in the MI6 task force in their mission to thwart these terrorists. Will MI6 succeed or be brought down by infiltration and corruption within their own ranks?
I guess you really need to read this book to find out! Then you will definitely be left wanting to read the 2nd book.
I’m sure their will be MANY more 5 star reviews coming the way of this gripping read.

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