The Night Manager

So who’s been enjoying The Night Manager on BBC1 Sunday nights? It’s a very polished BBC show with a great cast but in particular it seems to be that Tom Hiddleston is raising his profile with this great role. Not just because of his fantastic performance or the writing of John Le Carre but because people are starting to think that Tom Hiddleston could be James Bond. Now in a previous blog I talked about who could possibly replace Daniel Craig as James Bond ( following news that he may have quit the role after signing up for a long term series with Netfllix. When I analysed the contenders I was a little hard on Tom saying that he could do a good job but lacks that killer instinct. I still think that’s a possibility but after watching him in The Night Manager I can start to see what a good actor Tom is and how he could adapt to play Bond in the way that audiences now demand.

Tom seems to be keen as well, reading the link below he makes no effort to distance himself from the role and actively encourages it so maybe he knows something we don’t and he wanted to publicly put a statement out there to show he was keen! Tom himself talks about Roger Moore but I think he could find himself bringing a lot of charm to the role but still that deadly feeling as well, he may well have the best balance for some time. I would also expect him to be more effective with the press as well, we all know Daniel can be a bit prickly sometimes!

Let’s see what happens. I for one would still like to see Daniel Craig do one more Bond but if it is time for a change there are certainly some good candidates out there with Tom being one of the front runners.