Over 1000 downloads for Out of the Shadows!

Over 1000 downloads for Out of the Shadows!

Two months ago I decided to make the first book of the Akira and Deane Thriller series permanently FREE on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and several other sites. One of those other sites is the popular free-ebooks site and in just 2 months there has been over 1000 downloads which I’m really proud of. It’s had some five star ratings too so I’m hoping it can push on and strive for that 2000 download level too!

Download your free copy on the link below and then if you come to this website (www.timjopling.com) and sign up for updates you’ll be sent the second book ‘Underground Murmurs’ for FREE too!

Join the adventure and get to know the Akira and Deane world in time for the third book that will be released next year titled ‘Double Cross’.


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