People didn’t like Spectre

People didn’t like Spectre?

Mmm not sure I agree with this:

Does anyone? It is fascinating though that James Bond divides opinions as much as it does. I mentioned on Twitter the other day that I overheard a few people saying they didn’t like Spectre and it was full of plot holes and it wasn’t a James Bond movie. I have to say I don’t agree though I’m not saying the story was perfect by any means. The other day someone said to me that the film didn’t have the humour that Bond films have or the ‘women with the funny names’ but to me that’s not a Bond film anyway. He is an assassin after all and not all the Bond films are like Roger Moore treating it very tongue in cheek. That’s the beauty of it though, I for one really enjoyed the Roger Moore films for their time and I loved many others including today’s version.

Who else agrees?