Prologue is almost complete!

That’s the prologue for the third book ‘Double Cross’ by the way! I’m around a third of a way through writing the third installment but as with the first two books its only when you’re deep into the story and character developments do you then think of other ideas. In this example I decided the book needed a more exciting start so I developed a prologue that focuses on Deane and Hawk as they attempt to leave Russia following the failed Operation Purge – remember that? It was a failed assassination attempt on Mikhail Salenko which left C.I.A. agent Hanley dead and Deane in real trouble.

So what happened next? Well I’m finishing the prologue this week and for those of you who are signed up for updates on my website you’ll receive the Prologue and 1st Chapter before Christmas so look out for that. For everyone else it will be downloadable from this website later on in 2016.

Have a good day everyone.