Short stories to bridge the gap!

Short stories to bridge the gap!

Work is continuing on ‘Double Cross’ the third book in the Akira and Deane Thriller series, its progressing well and I’m hoping to have it on Amazon as a pre-order title in February. Look out for the Prologue that will be sent out for FREE around the end of this week to all those signed up to the website for updates. I’ll then send out Chapter 1 at a later date as well and maybe Chapter 2 before the books release.

On another note I’m sure you’re all wondering where the characters will be in ‘Double Cross’, in fact will they all be in the novel? Well pretty much all of them will be but one that won’t feature much is Sam Olsen the MI6 agent who saved the day in ‘Underground Murmurs’ but promptly resigned from MI6 to be with his wife, Rachel. (Download his official MI6 de-brief document here:

I’ve started some preliminary work on a short story where we rediscover Sam Olsen and see where he is in life in the events after ‘Double Cross’. The idea came to me when I was on a lunchtime walk listening to some music (I do get some good ideas when I listen to certain songs) and its a good spin-off from the main story. It’s always good fun to re-connect with characters. I’ll start to flesh that out more once the bulk of ‘Double Cross’ is done but I’ll add any updates to this here on the blog.

Hope you’re all doing ok and for those in the UK I hope you’re not suffering too much with the cold weather! It really is freezing cold but I think its going to warm up a bit on the weekend. Which is good because I’m sick of de-icing the car every flipping day!

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