Some back pain tips!

Some back pain tips!

Ever suffer from back pain? You’d know it if you did trust me! I’ve had lower back problems for the last two years now and its been a struggle at times to keep it under control. I need to do better though. On the Sunday just gone I played tennis but my warm up was poor so I’ve tweaked the back again so I’ve had a touch of sciatica this week which is frustrating.

I’ve had a foot injury as well for the last 6 months and that hasn’t helped as the key to a healthy back is being active but if you have a foot problem that’s hard to do. I used to go running and be far more active but that’s all stopped so the back has got weaker over time. I do back stretches every day but I need to expand those so I’ve started doing some of the Pilates exercises in the document on the link below. I’d recommend it as it does help your core which in turn helps your back.

I also need to come up with a decent tennis warm up. I’m researching that now, if anyone has any ideas leave a comment on this page, any help would be welcome!

Pilates Exercises

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