Some writing!

With this week being so busy at work its been hard going to fit in any writing lately I’ve definitely spent too much time on the marketing side of things of late so I do need to get back to actually writing something. I need to stay on track with the short story collection that is my next book (click here for more details) and I have to say, when I’ve had the time to focus on it I’ve really enjoyed working on these stories. I’ve found it more interesting that writing another novel as it allows me to have multiple stories, new characters and not be tied into a set route for the book. I still plan to write the next novel after these short stories, with a title of Rogue Retrieval. I’m really excited about the start to that book and I’m sure it will prove interesting reading, I’ve been wanting to write the start for some time now. The novel will feature all the main characters but there will be a love story at the heart of it that will have a massive impact on one of the main characters.

With regards the Short Story collection I’ve been enjoying writing about Patrick Walker who appears as an MI5 agent and will feature in two of the three short stories in this collection. He’s an interesting character with an edge to him and its been good fun writing him. He first appears as an interrogator but it becomes clear he has other strings to his bow! Initially he was only going to feature in the first short story and that was it but its been good fun so I’m going to use him more. I was also thinking about writing a spin off novel with him as well so watch this space for more developments.

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