The Force is Awakening…

The Force is Awakening…

So everyone has their tickets booked for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens right? Well I’m a bit behind I must admit, there has been so much going on of late. The new job is busy and we’ve decided to move so its been full on having viewers round to sell our current house and talking to Estate Agents and Solicitors (my favourite thing) but fear not, I have booked my tickets now for my wife and I to see the film this Saturday and we’re really looking forward to it!

I know its going to be great to see Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and all the others again. Harrison Ford certainly has looked to have enjoyed promoting the film and I’m sure Mark Hammill never thought he would play the part again!

Interesting article below about George Lucas and his ideas not being used by Disney. I wonder what they were? He has also been saying lately that he would have just told the story but Disney have made a film for the fans. Mmm its an interesting comment isn’t it? Who else would he make the film for?

Either way lets all enjoy the new film and I hope its as good as it has looked in the trailers!

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