Who can replace Daniel Craig as James Bond

I know, I know we don’t want to be talking about replacing Daniel Craig as James Bond do we? No of course not! I thought Daniel Craig was superb in Spectre and I genuinely think he has been one of the best James Bond since the series started all those years ago with Dr No. However unfortunately he can’t go on forever though I do hope he does one more at least. He might even be able to do another two, what do you think?

This video on the BBC is interesting though and it does raise some good points. Its true they’ve always had good actors in the role and he does need to show the depth of the character so lets see what happens. I’m certain Daniel Craig will do one more at least as James Bond so we have that to look forward to. I just hope they get a good director, we don’t want him potentially signing off with another Quantum of Solace do we!