Who is Akira


Who is Akira?


The identity of Akira is still a mystery. Many people have theories on just who Akira might be but as yet we don’t know for sure. What we do know is that he was once married to a woman called Madeline but she died under mysterious circumstances some years ago. Since that tragic loss he now ‘hears’ Madeline in his thoughts and he is convinced she is still with him. Akira calls on Madeline whenever he needs her the most and still wears a locket around his neck that was given to him during their marriage. Since the loss of his wife he dropped off the radar and resurfaced with his new identity, someone that the likes of Thomas Deane and the rest of MI6 don’t seem to be aware of. Akira is obsessed with a vision that both he and his wife share. A vision where the West no longer dominate the world and have to adhere to a new way of life.

Akira knows all too well that to make his vision a reality he will need the resources and power of one or several countries, he knows he alone cannot force change. In ‘Out of the Shadows’ and ‘Underground Murmurs’ we see Akira look to use Russia, a sleeping super power that has lied dormant for too long. With the help of Mikhail Salenko a puppet of a President Akira looks to not only increase his power but create a strangle hold on the West that will give him the resources he needs to force change.

Akira operates in the shadows pulling the strings as he tries to make his vision a reality…

Vital Statistics:

  • Male, white, medium build
  • Early-forties
  • Around 6 foot tall
  • Dark Brown hair

Marital Status:

  • Widower, was married to Madeline


  • None